General Information

Since late 2015 the EPF has its own house, situated in the Rue Gérard in Brussels. The House is open to all members and candidates of EPF societies. You can visit it during smaller EPF conferences, some of the EPF working groups meet here. House Gérard can also host other meetings aiming at European/international collaboration.


EPF House
Rue Gérard 35
1040 Etterbeek

House Committee

Presentation of the EPF House Committee:

  1. The EPF House Committee is in charge of the daily management and current activities of the House, including an updated agenda of all meetings.
  2. The EPF House Committee thinks and fosters the development of the current and new scientific activities.
  3. The EPF House Committee handles all the requests from psychoanalysts and societies wishing to meet in the House and respond in a reasonable delay.
  4. With the help of the General Editor, responsible of the EPF website, the EPF House Committee develops and keeps updated a specific webpage with all information regarding the House.

It's members are:

  • Serge Frisch (Chair)
  • Denny Panitz
  • Sølvi Kristiansen
  • Leopoldo Bleger
  • François Ladame
  • Christoph Walker
  • Gabor Szönyi
  • Fabienne Fillion
  • Denis Flynn
  • Andrea Gaddini (ex officio)
  • Frank Goderniaux (assistant to the Executive)

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